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Know the potential of your New build home, home renovation, your property development.

Get Formblok.io and be the designer of your future.

Instant Land Zones, Overlays and property information within Victoria is just a tap away.

Design your sizes, select your materials and Get instant Potential Construction Costs in 3 easy steps

Be Equipped with all the right information for your next renovation or property development.

4 Reasons to download formblok now

Why Formblok?

Knowing your sites potential before purchasing your site saving you thousands of dollars and long term heart ache. Know your property developments potential worth, prior to purchasing the property.

Allows you to budget right for your property development, keeping you informed of process and consultants costs, commencing with Town planning applications and following through to Building permit applications.

All you need under your thumb

Architects and industry professionals can be time poor or too costly. Save time and money and obtain information when required with a few steps.

Don’t guess it! Make educated decisions that lead to profitability on your projects.

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Formblok Features

Zone Information & Buildable Footprint

Get instant information on zones, overlays, and neighbourhood precincts.Obtain allowable Buildable footprint area for your site.

Spatial Arrangement

Obtain allowable dwelling amounts per site including, potential room sizes and private open space amounts.

Buildable Footprint

Areas calculated in accordance with Council regulations and Building regulations for your site.

User friendly application designed for Home renovators, Industry professionals, Property developers and anyone with a key interest in property and construction.

Construction Finishes

A selection of External claddings and Internal finishes giving you an indication of construction look and feel.

Construction Costs

Calculates Construction costs for your potential development, renovation or new build.


File save and share, allows you to instantly save share your project file, whilst creating a professional network.

‘We all fall in love with design, and beautiful things, but don’t let beauty distract you from what’s affordable, feasible, and doable.”
CEO Formblok.io

This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Use it when on the go.


Most frequent questions and answers

With a few easy steps formblok will calculate your site’s buildable footprint, giving you a good indication of allowable areas.

Enter the address of your site into formblok, and it will inform you of overlay and zone information.

Once your site’s buildable area is calculated, formblok allows for construction types per sqm, giving you a good indication of construction costs and construction quality build type.

With formblok, simply enter area amount you wish to demolish, and replace with selected proposed room types including room sizes , construction type and build quality type finish.

Use Formblok, with one easy touch you can obtain a cost which will also include potential labour costs.

With Formblok you are able to enter and view specific area sizes and obtain internal room dimensions.

Formblok can easily assist with buildable footprint area sizes giving you an indication of townhouse quantity for your site.

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