5 Tips for A successful Renovation for Melbourne Australia

5 Tips for A successful Renovation for Melbourne Australia

5 Tips for A successful Renovation.

Renovating can be a challenging and frustrating never-ending process!
But it doesn’t have to be.
Having a good game plan is key, and knowing and understanding processes gives you the foresight to be prepared for the expected and  for the not so expected, because lets face it, life occasionally likes to throw us a few wobblies, just to keep us in check!
So we’ve created some tips from our experts that you could implement before your next renovation, regardless of the size of your project, these tips will surely help:

Tip 1: Research

Research your property, make sure you’re aware of any possible overlays as overlays could potentially extend the time frames required for approvals etc. Remember overlays on a property increases the likely hood of requiring a planning permit. Using or contact your local council for more information is recommended, the more information you have to begin with, the better equiped you’ll be.

Tip 2 : Renovation Requirement

Write yourself a wish list, and understand the reasons for your renovations. This is a really important process as a property flipper and a home owner will approach this with a slightly different mind set.
A property flipper will consider budgets as the ‘driver’ as they need to make back their money early on, however a home owner will understand that this is more of a long term investment, budgets are definitely still considered and allowed for, however needs and requirements  generally come first.
At this stage, also start considering your budget, how much you’re prepared to spend, and try to familiarise yourself with costs. Speaking with a builder early on is difficult, without finalised plans a builder won’t be able to give you an accurate cost without plans, however using  will help map out possible sizes and spaces, but will also give you an indication of construction cost. Again, you don’t want to be spending too much money before working out the potential cost.

Tip 3: Speak to a  Professional

You’re now ready to speak to a professional! Take your findings and research and speak with a licensed Architect, Building Designer, or Draftsperson to help map out your design. If you’re like myself,  “visually challenged” meaning find it difficult to visualise spaces, then be sure that many design practices offer 3D design! Ensure your designer is licensed, and understands the Town Planning and Building permit processes. If you’re unsure about who to speak to, just use to find a consultant servicing your area. Easy!

Tip 4: Down Time

You’re Doing Great!
Typically Once you’ve engaged a professional they’ll commence with detailed Design and Permit drawings. This stage includes council permits, drawings, plans, engineering, soil tests, surveying, which are the typical components of an application. If your property is within an overlay it’s likely you’ll also require consultants to assess those aspects, such as an Arborist, Landscape Architect, Traffic engineer, Civil engineer  Heritage consultant and many more.
The drawings package represents the intellectual property of your renovation and creates the specification for the building contract.
During this stage, you’ll have a bit of Downtime, whilst your drawings are being prepared and finalised for approvals, start speaking to builders and verify your loan approval with your bank or credit union. Don’t know any builders?
Just formblok it….Too Easy!!

Tip 5: Sourcing the Right Builder.

Finding the right builder for your project takes time, however knowing what to ask and look for simplifies the process, we’ve created a few quick tips below:
Reviews of current and past work, registration check, a good tip is to contact the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) as you can also obtain information regarding any disciplinary actions , Insurance check and currency, references, work quality, the builders communication ability, their working methods, professionalism, and reliability, just to mention a few of the key elements.
Take your time, and speak to a few builders, after all, you want to ensure you’ll have a good working relationship with your builder ensuring the best possible outcome.

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